Bright Box Gallery is our in-house gallery, curated by Bright Designlab, featuring a rotating selection of artists. Sharing the space with our design studio, the gallery's hours are Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm. We often have extended evening hours on the first Thursday of each month during the Pearl District’s First Thursday art walk event - check our Instagram for updates (@brightdesignlab). The gallery is located at 404 NW 10th Ave, Ste. 101, in Portland, Oregon.


CURRENT EXHIBIT (July 9, 2019 - October 1, 2019)

684 Daily Purchase Drawings Plus 89 Painted Objects of Purchased Things by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kate Bingaman-Burt is is an artist, educator, and collector of things. She draws, letters, and documents full-time for various projects, clients, and publications. She “makes work about the things we buy and the feelings we feel”, and you can be sure that bright colors and her iconic handwriting will be present. Kate is a Professor of Graphic Design at PSU and the owner of Outlet, and the author of three publications.

Ruminate - Maja.PNG

PAST EXHIBIT (March 7, 2019 - July 8, 2019)

Ruminate by Maja Dlugolecki

Maja Dlugolecki is a self-taught abstract painter from Portland, Oregon. with a background in visual design, her work draws from experiences and impressions in her own life through an abstract lens. Maja’s intuitive paintings features ample white space in between layers of texture, creating movement through bold pigments. she enjoys pushing the limits of color and technique, with an ever-evolving palette and method.

fiber art little feral.jpg

PAST EXHIBIT (October 4, 2018 - January 31, 2018)

Windows - Tactile Meditations: Works by Kaysie Condron

Kaysie Condron is a self-taught fiber artist, currently traveling the world with her craft. Since the move from Chicago to Portland, she has spent two years developing her business, LITTLE FERAL, and helping others find meditation in macramé. Kaysie is a self-described doer, maker, and innovator, with a passion for helping people find their creative outlet.




PAST EXHIBIT (April 2 - June 28, 2018)

The Quiet Life: Works by Tess Rubinstein

Tess Rubinstein is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from a foggy mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her practice is centered around living a good ole' humble existence, using print, digital media and surface design to create approachable and sometimes functional art. She received her BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017, and is currently residing in Portland, Oregon as a morning person.


Alone Again Finally.jpg




PAST EXHIBIT (January 3 - March 31, 2018)

Illustrations by Mali Fischer

Mali Fischer is a freelance illustrator, located in Portland OR. Mali grew up on a little island off the coast of Washington State and later moved to Vancouver, BC where she attended Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She received her BFA in 2014 and since then has maintained her own drawing practice, while also offering her illustration services to business and individuals alike. 



PAST EXHIBIT (September 1 - December 1, 2017)

Photography by Cody Cobb

Cody Cobb (b. 1984 in Shreveport, Louisiana) is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His photographs attempt to capture brief moments of stillness from the chaos of nature.



PAST EXHIBIT - January 8 - April 7, 2017:

Paintings by comic book artist Tara Booth

"Tara Booth is a comic book artist from Portland, however these detailed pieces with their mix of drawing and painting cover much more ground than that title. Tara’s work displays such character that after looking through her work you already feel like she’s one of your pals. This is due to her inspiration often coming from her diary, 'I’ve always felt compelled to document my daily experiences…now I do it visually' she explained, 'A lot of my work is about living with chronic anxiety and depression. Taking the parts of my life that leave me feeling hopeless or out of control, and being able to turn them into something sort of silly through painting helps to transform some of my negative emotions. It’s also super validating and therapeutic to see how many people deal with the same issues and have similar experiences. The more that people can laugh and relate to my work, the more compelled I am to make it."

-Words by Lucy Bourton: It's Nice That. August, 2016



PAST EXHIBIT - January 8 - April 7, 2017:

Textile art provided by Kat + Maouche

Zandka*, textile art from Berber women in a remote area of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Berber art is renowned for its creative independence and technical skill. It is predominantly utilitarian art, sheep herding semi-nomadic families spinning and weaving wool into clothing, blankets, tents, or rugs. They vary from luxurious minimalist pieces to wild, intricate works. Certainly art, but they remain functional objects. With these zandka, however, there is no known function of the pieces. They are simply making art. When women have no looms and little material, they use what they have. They stitch scraps of wool, thread, sometimes plastic, onto old woven plastic rice bags. Each vintage piece is a testament to the resilience, expression, and creative freedom of the unknown artist. They show modern art springing from a traditional culture and age-old techniques.

*Note that spelling varies, as transliteration of this particular word from Arabic is not precise.

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PAST EXHIBIT - September 1 - December 22, 2016:

“White Light,” a new series of hand-dyed embroidery fiber art by Denver artist Aly Barohn

Aly Barohn's White Light is a representation of how light and shadow play. Light, throughout each day, changes almost imperceptibly. Vibrancy and hue interact with the variations of light creating subtle changes to the visible light we see. We find texture in the shadows as light passes through varying objects and opaqueness.

Barohn builds upon the constructed canvas with hand-dyed hand-embroidery, focusing on the subtleties of each "white" thread. Through dimension and texture, she encourages the viewer to experience the work through touch as well as sight.

2 photo.jpg


PAST EXHIBIT - September 1 - December 22, 2016):

Porcelain ceramics by Lilith Rockett

Lilith Rockett, a studio potter residing in Portland, OR, works primarily in porcelain. Her work, created by hand on the potter's wheel, reveals a deep interest in the subtle qualities of the material: translucency, fluidity, density, and the velvety softness of an unglazed polished surface. Minimal in both form and surface, her work calls attention to subtle nuances of line or shadow, with a delight in the quiet imperfections that characterize the handmade