electric heights NE Portland kitchen

Our clients, a Palliative Care nurse and a Communications executive, merged households and made their nest in a NE Portland neighborhood once known as Electric Heights, now more commonly known as Hollywood / Rose City.  KT and Brooks asked us to help them, alongside design-build contractors Green Hammer, to fine tune, detail and select finishes for a classic modern kitchen that reflects their eclectic sensibilities.  With glossy white laminate upper cabinets showing off their sexy Apple-Ply edges, luscious walnut lower cabinets in a vertical grain and shiny round stainless steel cup pulls, a showstopper was created.  The layout is now entirely open and light filled, where there once was a wall. In classic bright designlab style, the kitchen is designed in a natural palette for a timeless background, layering pops of color for some cheer on top.

The Scope: kitchen layout and design, new bathroom design + finishes for both