" As new transplants to Portland, we were fortunate to find Bright Design lab. After meeting with Alissa and Leela, we knew immediately that they were the right fit for us and our project. Alissa has helped us transform a tired and traditional 1922 house into a fresh, hip space that perfectly represents our style and way of living. The team listens, pays attention and seems to always miraculously translate our ideas into perfectly organized concept boards. Their creative juices are on over-drive. They stay in budget, stay local when possible and make the entire design process easy and, more importantly, a blast! We have appreciated their utter professionalism and raw talent. As a matter of fact, we have loved working with them so much, we are now taking on a bigger project that involves a kitchen remodel and then some. Watching Alissa organize and coordinate with our General Contractor and engineer has only further solidified what a we already knew- She is a Rock Star."

                                                                                      Julie D. - Residential Client (review from houzz)

They listen. They were committed to sticking with the design period of my house – which was really important to me. They are strong, opinionated women, and I like that fact. They really keep up with all aspects of design, and always know the latest happenings.  They weren’t pushy at all and they showed me materials that I’d never even heard of. 

Liz S. - Markam kitchen remodel

Alissa and her team are wonderful and highly professional! They worked tirelessly to create a design that was perfect for our space and our budget. While working on our project Alissa was easily available to answer questions, help make decisions, and grab whatever supplies were needed for our contractor. I am so happy with the remodel they designed for us. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional but personable design team! I will certainly use them again if I am ever in need.

Cecily Q. - Quintana Galleries  (review from houzz)


"bright designlab lays their cabinet package out in a very creative environment. They are trying to accomplish something outside of the norm. They’re on the forefront of cabinet design, as opposed to doing something they feel comfortable with every time. I like that they’re trying to push and do something different. That’s always nice to be around."

Neel B. - cabinet maker

"Leela and Alissa from bright designlab were contracted to help me re imagine the kitchen and bathrooms in a neglected contemporary house I purchased. They did not disappoint! They came up with incredible design proposals that showed great thought and attention to detail. The result was a drop-dead, high quality kitchen and 3 bathrooms which are highly functional yet will look stunning & relevant for decades to come.
They also worked great as a team with my general contractor as well as my interior designer to create designs that were cohesive with what we were doing with the house.
Bright designlab is highly recommended especially if you are looking for design services for contemporary or mid-century homes. These ladies get it!

                                                                                                                                 Sam K. - Residential Client

"I hired Bright Designlab to help me

- articulate my ideas for renovation in the house we recently bought
- to help prioritize my budget
- to bounce ideas off
- to engage a contractor and oversee the results; helping me make mid-project decisions

Leila and her team helped me realize a renovation that didn't look like a renovation, that modernized and updated the space, and gave me the house I really wanted, rather than the one I bought.

I will most definitely work with Bright Designlab again, for my next project.

Debbie A. - Residential Client

I both enjoyed my experience working with bright designlab (Alissa and Leela) and am overwelmed by the results of my kitchen remodel. My expectations of the finished kitchen were surpassed on every front. Budgets and schedules were met. Alissa and Leela were a pleasure to work with as we picked out finishes, were knowledgeable and thoughtful throughout the project, and were very flexible as we clarified how I would be using the space. The design incorporates and displays my collection of glassybaby candle holders and provides for abundant recycling space. Another example of creative thoughtfulness is a pull out pantry that was designed to roll past without hitting a photograph I wanted to hang in the kitchen. Encompassing both the needed utility and desired artwork, the kitchen is truly unique and an ongoing pleasure to come home to. Now if I could just do the bathroom...

Valerie E. - Residential Client (review from houzz)

They work really well as a team and have very reassuring and calming personalities. They’re decisive – that’s what I like about them. They listen. They’re sharp and innovative. They do what they say they’re going to.

They’re just such a good team. I like fresh, young people. I like their openness. I don’t want someone to come in to my home and say that’s so and so’s design, I want to be a part of the process. It was so nice that they stayed within my price point, they didn’t try to push the boundaries of that. Working with bright is the first time I feel like I can really trust somebody. They’re quiet, but confident – it’s a perfect fit for me.

Dianne D. - Residential condo project


"They don’t try to overpower you with what they want to do. They just have great design sense. Quirky and cool. It’s all that's cutting-edge and subtle about the Portland scene."

Shannon C.   - Modus Operandi Offices - Portland OR



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