the sound of green music

Many people relate modern design with cold and austere environments (hear us laughing?)  We are completely inspired by our peers around the globe pulling green space into everyday lives and giving new life to our urban environments. Roof meadows, vertical plantings, urban farms, complex "form beyond function" symbiotic green wall systems that take the place of ugly barriers and collect water from construction sites; every time we turn it seems there is a more innovative way of integrating foliage into our lives. The benefits of living walls in the urban center are not limited to aesthetic stimulation - green walls cool city blocks, reduce loud noises and can improve building efficiency, to name a few. Long live the leaf!

1. Garden and House - Tokyo Japan 2. Hof House 3. Chinese Coin House - Santa Cruz Bolivia 4. Brooks Avenue House -  Venice California 5. A Green Roof, With Wildflowers - Japan 6. New Orleans Botanical Gardens - Louisiana 7. SportPlaza Mercator - Amsterdam 8. Knightsbridge Renovation - London 9. Bathroom as a Garden