Inspiration - Zaha Hadid

Here at bright designlab we like to find inspiration for our work all over the world! I recently was lucky enough to visit a building by one of my personal favorite architects: Zaha Hadid. The MAXXI modern art museum in Rome is stunning. The sculptural quality of the concrete and the hidden light features throughout are just a few of the things that make it worth a visit, as well as just to walk through the building and experience the spaces (let alone the fantastic modern art!). I thought I'd share a little sampling of some of my favorite aspects.



The front of the building, I love how the window in the cantilever reflects the classic roman buildings in the area.
yes these are my shoes! you can see through the stair to the floor 30' below
this gallery that curves around above the entry courtyard.
one of the most fabulous stairs I have ever seen - linking the galleries on 5 floors, need I say more?
This is what makes me love concrete.