The Secret Life of Designers V

  Akasha, the design enthusiast intern and your blogger extraordinaire

Akasha, the design enthusiast intern and your blogger extraordinaire

name... Akasha Lawrence-Spence nickname... kasha, kash kash, osh kosh, spence (there are so many) personal motto... Everything happens for  a reason. happiness is... Cuddling. most prized retail item... The lambs wool rug I lugged home in my overweight luggage from Korea. favorite journey... Friendship. favorite design trend... Reclaimed wood everything.  greatest indulgence... Long vacations to far away places. portland MUST-eat... Food trucks! I NEVER ate from food trucks back home in NYC, but here they're just as good as their restaurant equivalents.  dream destination... Bali, Thailand, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, and the list goes on. most marked characteristic... My Big Fluffy Cheeks. shoulda/coulda/woulda... Uh none... re: my motto.  couldn't live without this song/artist... These genres: SoulReggaeSoca & JazzI find myself in love with the voice quality of the artists who populate the former and the instrumentals that characterize the latter, the middle two are a direct link to my Caribbean upbringing. must read... Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.  in my free time... I make things, art (paintings, installations) try out new recipes, whatever I'm inspired to do.  lately I've been challenging myself to... Exercise, I'm actually starting to LOVE the burn, and drink a gallon of water daily. never goes out of style... black. authenticity. love.

The Secret Life of Designers IV


name... Alissa Pulcrano personal motto... Keep on truckin' happiness is... wine+friends most prized retail item... My green rotary dial phone. favorite journey... My future trip to Berlin. favorite design trend... Things wrapped in string.  greatest indulgence... My 1970 Citroën (blogger's note: I died!!!! I absolutely LOVE this car!!!) portland MUST-eat... Roostdream destination... Amsterdam is currently topping the long listmost marked characteristic... My joker smirk. shoulda/coulda/woulda..Moved to New York in my 20's for a bit.  couldn't live without this song/artist... Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. must read... Hmm that's tough. The Art of Eating by MFK Fisher comes to mind. Maybe I'm just hungry. in my free time... I play, no planning involved. Usually something that keeps me moving. lately I've been challenging myself to... Sing in front of others. never goes out of style... being nice.  

The Secret Life of Designers III

 Designer Tessa, surfing in Nicaragua

Designer Tessa, surfing in Nicaragua

name... Tessa Nicole Vergari nickname...Tess, or my dad calls me 'Hoot' personal motto... I think I detest personal mottos happiness is... a good night's sleep most prized retail item... My bike. It's a great way to start the morning. favorite journey... Tough one. Well, Turkey was a pretty wonderful experience, especially the food. favorite design trend... Natural materials. I never get tired of wood and metal. I'm also loving the resurgence of fibers & bones in modern design.  greatest indulgence... New running shoes & chocolate. portland MUST-eat... I'd have to say Ethiopian, Queen of Sheba is the bomb. dream destination... Hiking the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) most marked characteristic...  Quiet or maybe just mysterious!?!  shoulda/coulda/woulda...Oh so many things, but the past is the past.  couldn't live without this song/artist... Bon Iver must read... Dwell is a really great magazine. I really enjoy Erik Larson's work and George Orwell's '1984' is a personal favorite.  in my free time... I read. I love to read. lately I've been challenging myself to... Take classes for things I want to learn . First up CPR (better late than never). never goes out of style...good food, music & adventures. 

The Secret Life of Designers II

 The second installment of our secret life series features our resident design fiend and 1/2 of our dynamic founder duo, Leela. 

name... Leela Brightenburg happiness is... HAPPINESS?  most prized retail item... A really good kitchen knife or maybe any really well made kitchen tool, I love the details + utility. favorite journey... Is that even possible? Everything is an adventure.  favorite design trend... Black is back, and it makes me happy!  greatest indulgence... Really good cheese.  portland MUST-eat... Natural Selection, Oso Market, and lately I have loved going to the Tannerydream destination... At the moment I have a few: Iceland, Chile, and New Zealand.  most marked characteristic...  Being a smart ass, thanks Tessa (friend/designer@ the retail studio/bright designlab) shoulda/coulda/woulda... I tend to dive in, in life, so I can't think of one, though there are probably plenty of things I 'should' have done.  couldn't live without this song/artist... Bob Marley. I know that sounds weird, but I grew up listening to him so his music always makes me happy. Oh, and Common and The Roots. (blogger's note: so happiness, for now is black being back and conscious music maybe?) must read... Freakonomics in my free time... What free time? Ha! lately I've been challenging myself to... Take more moments to slow down and enjoy life. never goes out of style...fresh food